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Address Me

In this story, I am the customer. I am speaking to my isp on the phone because I moved into a new apartment complex that uses the isp's service. I had the service at my previous residence on my own account. I am now trying to cancel that account and transfer the equipment to my new place so I can still use it. The rep I was talking to seemed very polite, but very new. He was working with other people for assistance, presumably via Slack. He kept putting me on hold while waiting for replies from his co-workers. Eventually, he asked if I have the account number for the account that the apartment complex uses. I said I don't have it. He told me that he needed it to be able to transfer the equipment. I asked, can't you look it up by the address? He went quiet for a couple moments, then said, oh ya, hold on. I had to stifle a small laugh. At least he was very nice and did admit he was new.