Primo Tech Support Stories

Have you tried turning it off and back on?


When working at a home security company, I got a call from a customer complaining his front door sensor keeps saying its open when the front door is closed. A door sensor consists of one piece that contains the computer chip and battery, aka the actual sensor,and another piece that contains a magnet. When the magnet and the sensor are within an inch of ech other, the sensor reads as closed. When they are moved away from each other, the sensor reads as open.

Sensors are usually placed on doors and windows, so when they are opened the pieces move away and the home owner knows that door/window is open. So I was talking to the customer and trying to determine how the pieces were arranged because often times they are not lined up properly.

Eventually I asked him to take a picture of how they were arranged, and had him email it to me. I open the picture, and start to laugh because he had the sensor, but no magnet. I was like well theres your problem. I composed myself and took him off hold. I asked him where the magnet is. Hes like oh it fell off and I lost it. I explained to him why he was having the issue with the sensor showing open. I deleted it from the system and he ordered a replacement. What a senseless customer.