Primo Tech Support Stories

Have you tried turning it off and back on?

Tree of Woe

Customer contacted support because her phone tree was not letting people leave a voicemail. A phone tree is also called an IVR. When you call a business and hear press option 1 for this, 2 for this, etc, that is the phone tree. I ask her what option should lead to voicemail, and she said I called and the phone tree didn't lead to a beep. I was really confused on what she meant because phone trees never lead to any type of beep. After some more investigative questions, turns out, lord knows why, she thought that phone tree was voicemail. I had to tell her that phone tree is not voicemail so it won't go to voicemail. If she wants it to go straight to voicemail, I can remove the phone tree. This led to a long 10 minutes of silence while her two brain cells overheated, she then said nevermind and left the chat. I hope I was able to get to the root of that problem.