Primo Tech Support Stories

Have you tried turning it off and back on?

Unlimited Range

Answered a chat where the customers cordless phone was not working, so I ask the usual troubleshooting questions to determine what the issue was. The way the VOIP cordless phone works is that there is a base that you plug into power and ethernet which provides the internet to the cordless handset. As you can imagine, the handset has to be within a certain range of the base to work. So while chatting with the customer, I asked her what the indicator lights on the base were showing so I could determine where the issue lies. Turned out the base for the phone was plugged in at her office, while the handset was in her home, in a completely different city. I was dumb founded as to how she expected it to work being so far away from the base. I had to explain why her handset is not working. Thankfully I was on chat so she couldn’t hear me laughing my head off.