Access Granted

I was trying to get remoted into a customer's Mac computer so I can get a network audit setup so we can determine why her voip phones are having terrible call quality. This is indicative of packet loss, latency, or low internet speeds. Because it is a Mac, the user is required to go into the security settings and enable various permissions so we can use the keyboard and mouse. I caused the prompt to come up on the user's computer so they can accept them. After spending twenty minutes walking her through what the screen means and why I would need to be able to use my mouse and keyboard to, you know, actually get this audit setup, and that if she doesn't grant me access, I would just be twiddling my thumbs, she finally agreed to grant them. Now I inform her that we needed to have her go into the app store and install Lan Scan to run the audit, she didn't know her Apple password, so she had to call her IT. Cue me sitting and waiting on hold for her to make this call, and after explaining everything all over again to the IT, she finally entered the password and got Lan scan installed. Right when I was finally about to get the audit started, user asks if they are able to use the computer during the audit. Since this office is a dentist's office, I tell them no to avoid any possible HIPAA violations, they say oh ok nevermind we will do it later and disconnected.